Dassault Systèmes says that it is co-leading the second phase of the French government’s strategic push for industrial modernization in France. 

The ‘Industry of the Future’ initiative, announced by the French government on 18 May, will be begun by a group of technology companies, professional associations and academic partners whose mission is to promote the French government’s program to digitally transform industry in France. Bernard Charlès, president and CEO of Dassault Systèmes, is co-president of the alliance. Dassault Systèmes will reportedly define the digitization plan behind the ‘Industry of the Future,’ build collaborative R&D projects to fill existing gaps in today’s technologies, upgrade digital manufacturing methods of small and medium enterprises in France and in Europe, and foster international collaboration on this topic by pinpointing synergies

IIn particular, Dassault Systèmes’ will help companies worldwide transform improve materials science through advances in chemistry and materials science leading to breakthroughs in new components to revolutionize industrial processes such as composites.  New materials will be invented as a result of bio-modelization and simulation, the company says.

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