Historically, the UK has always been strong at early stage research, but has often seen the commercial benefit of its inventions and innovations go overseas. The High Value Manufacturing Catapult is intended to bridge the gap between business, academia, research and government.

“This is excellent news and particularly timely for the NCC,” said Peter Chivers, CEO. “Just a month ago the NCC formally opened a BIS funded £28 million extension to increase our capacity to support the UK Composites Industry. Since its start-up three years ago, NCC activity in accelerating innovation for UK business has grown rapidly due to extremely strong industrial demand, supported by new capability investments funded by the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

Increase integration

“The extended NCC facilities provide new capacity to address the needs of high rate composite manufacturing for the automotive industry and others, better meet the needs of SMEs, increase integration with universities and start delivering training courses. The additional Catapult funds will be used to invest in the new equipment and capabilities to further accelerate the NCC's offering in all these areas."