Demonstration tooling suite. (Picture © ACG Ltd.)
Demonstration tooling suite. (Picture © ACG Ltd.)

ACG, a member of Umeco Composites Structural Materials (UCSM), will exhibit a 3-piece composite mould tool suite featuring:

  • a CNC-machined master model manufactured from TB750 syntactic tooling block;
  • a carbon fibre reinforced mould tool manufactured using low temperature moulding LTM®217 tooling prepreg; and
  • a finished component made using carbon fibre prepreg.

The display is designed to provide a clear insight into the methods used for making mould tools for composite part production.

ACG will also exhibit a range of motorcycle components produced by Blackstone Tek (BST) of South Africa. BST selected ACG’s MTM®57 medium temperature moulding carbon prepregs for these autoclave processed  structural parts.

ACG will be co-exhibiting with JD Lincoln and GRPMS (UCSM companies) and Richmond Aerovac and IPM, both members of Umeco Composites Process Materials (UCPM).