ACG, represented by its agent Mark-Tech (Bangalore), will highlight its capabilities across the following key market sectors:

  • Defence: ACG’s ballistics grade prepregs are used by major contractors in the defence industry to manufacture appliqué armour and spall liners for military vehicles.
  • Aerospace: MTM®44-1 and MTM®45-1 structural prepreg resin systems developed for the out of autoclave manufacture of primary and secondary aircraft structures.
  • Transport: phenolic and epoxy systems which meet rigorous European fire and smoke standards.
  • Space: ACG’s range of cyanate ester, bismaleimide, epoxy and phenolic prepregs are used for satellite structures, high temperature structural parts, launchers and ablative applications.
  • Tooling design and manufacture: ACG offers a materials and tooling design service for all types of composite tooling, from low temperature out of autoclave to high temperature autoclave applications.

ICERP –  the International Conference and Exhibition on Reinforced Plastics – is being held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India, on 2-4 March 2011.