As a result of the co-operation negotiations started in September at its Karhula and Mikkeli plants in Finland, Ahlstrom has decided to gradually discontinue the production of glass fibre and glass fibre mats in Karhula by the end of 2011 as the operation is unprofitable. The production of glass fibre tissue at the site will continue.

This decision will lead to 170 job loses in Finland starting from October.

Co-operation negotiations are ongoing at the Mikkeli plant, which manufactures glass fibre reinforcements.

Ahlstrom has also decided to close its hybrid wallcover production line in Turin, Italy, in October, which employs 22 people. In the Label and Processing business, Ahlstrom is initiating negotiations on streamlining measures at its Osnabrück plant in Germany that may affect a maximum of 39 employees in the next 18 months.

Ahlstrom, headquartered in Finland, is a high performance materials company producing fibre composites (including glass fibre reinforcements for composites) and speciality papers.