Ahlstrom manufactures glass fibre, speciality reinforcements and glass fibre tissue in Karhula and Mikkeli.

Previous efficiency improvement measures implemented at the sites have not been sufficient, Ahlstrom reports. Profitability has weakened as competition – particularly in glass fibre markets and speciality reinforcements used by the wind energy industry – has intensified significantly, the company says.

In addition, Ahlstrom notes that it has not been able to fully compensate for increased raw material and energy costs by higher selling prices.

The Karhula and Mikkeli plants are part of Ahlstrom's Building and Energy Business Area. The Karhula plant employs 267 permanent staff. The Mikkeli plant employs 135 permanent staff.

If the negotiations lead to personnel reductions, Ahlstrom estimates a maximum of 230 persons will be impacted. Temporary layoffs are also being discussed.