Under the agreement signed in February, Alcan Airex grants Armacell a worldwide, non-exclusive and non-gratuitous license for the production and distribution of products using the patents for applications outside of packaging applications.

With the license agreement signed, both parties have agreed to withdraw all pending lawsuits between them as well as all patent infringement proceedings. Further details of the license agreement were not disclosed.

The lawsuits and proceedings came after Armacell launched Armaform PET, a PET-based composite core material, based on Alcan Composites patented foaming and welding technologies in 2007.

Dr Karl Paetz-Lauter, Managing Director of Armacell International Holding GmbH, says: “After having evaluated various options, we have come to the conclusion that this technology is not only the most performing but also the most economic solution to produce PET foam for structural and industrial applications.”

Armacell is a global provider of insulation, specialty foam and rubber solutions for a wide range of industries. Alcan Airex of Sins, Switzerland, specialises in closed-cell speciality foams made from a variety of polymers.