"I am excited to put my years of sales experience in the thermoset composites market to work for American Colors Inc", says Marty Holden, Owner of North Coast Chemical Sales.

"I look forward to helping moulders, compounders and pultruders meet their colour needs."

"The partnership of American Colors with North Coast Chemical Sales brings together two organisations with strong technical abilities along with exceptional focus on quality, service and support of our composites customers," adds Matthew Kosior, Chief Operating Officer of American Colors.

"This reaffirms American Colors commitment as a leading participant in the composites industry."

In addition to representing American Colors, North Coast Chemical Sales will continue to represent Technick Products in the thermoset composites market. Technick manufactures the Tube Lube line of internal mould releases, the Flame Check line of flame retardants, and the Biogenic Cleaner products for non-HAPS cleaning applications.