This integration is said to allow customers to exchange detailed layup information between design and analysis quickly and accurately. As a result, users can optimise parts, assemblies and structures more efficiently.

The combined composites solution requires purchasing software from both VISTAGY and ANSYS.

ANSYS Composite PrepPost software provides the necessary functionality for the analysis of layered composite structures. An intuitive interface efficiently defines materials, plies and stacking sequences. Materials can be accurately oriented on the structures using flexible tools based on coordinate systems definitions.

VISTAGY’s FiberSIM software for composites engineering supports the unique and complex design and manufacturing methodologies necessary to engineer composite products and parts.

“The partnership with ANSYS will enable our customers to develop products around a complete and detailed master model available to both design and stress,” says Dr Olivier Guillermin, director of product and market strategy at VISTAGY, of  Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

“The integrated solution will allow engineers to spend less time making sure their designs and analyses sync up and more time innovating. As a result, they’ll be able to reduce errors, shorten development times, and get composite products to market quicker.”

“From an overall product development perspective, a composites solution is not complete without the ability to create an optimal layout – through engineering simulation – well before any manufacturing concerns are addressed," explains Barry Christenson, director of product management at ANSYS, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. "The second part of the process involves the capability to move the product into manufacturing, with assurance that it is still a valid design. The ANSYS and VISTAGY solution does just that. The sophisticated combined technology offers the capability to reach an end-to-end composites design.