AOC adds that the new low-density SMC system features lower weight, superior strength, and Class A surface finish to meet the transportation industry’s demand for lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The new low-density SMC system is claimed to offer improved weight savings, damage resistance, and fuel efficiency over traditional systems. AOC’s new system achieves a specific gravity of 1.2, making it comparable to aluminium. Table 1illustrates how AOC’s low density SMC performs compared to similar materials.

Table 1
SMC Density Specific Gravity  % Mass Reduction vs Standard SMC % Mass Reduction vs Steel
Standard 1.9 -- 30%
Medium 1.6 15% 38%
Low 1.2 37% 46%


“AOC’s technical team has succeeded in making significant advances in SMC technology,” says Mike Dettre, AOC Business Manager. “The automotive industry is facing huge challenges to improve fuel efficiency and AOC is making a major impact towards achieving this goal.”

AOC’s low density system is currently going through approvals at several OEMs. Production is expected to begin by the end of 2014.