BSR Group, a holding company owning Revocoat and BS Coatings, acquired AXSON Technologies, a manufacturer of epoxy resins and polyurethanes systems, earlier this year. In September 2011, the BSR Group changed its name to AXSON.

Revocoat supplies sealers and anti-corrosion products to the automotive industry. BS Coatings develops coating solutions intended for the hydrocarbons, water, industry and building markets.

“Our three businesses together represent a major asset for AXSON’s customers who will now have access to a broader range of solutions,” says Charles Churet, Chairman of AXSON. “And every customer will benefit from the synergy of the expertise, R&D facilities and worldwide presence of these three businesses”.

The new AXSON group, headquartered in France, has 800 employees and 25 subsidiaries and 16 production and R&D sites around the world.

“Our international coverage means we can work in the best conditions to offer our customers local solutions to support their development on-site,” continues Churet. “Our forecasts are targeting sales figures of around €250 million for 2011.”

To strengthen its global presence AXSON has announced plans to construct a new Revocoat formulation plant in Kolomna, Russia, for the local automotive market. This will also be a shared platform for future development of the group’s three businesses.