Under the agreement, Azelis will promote and distribute Poliya’s Polipol unsaturated polyester composite resins and Polijel high performance coloured gel-coats through its distribution network in Italy.

Azelis will be supplying products manufactured by Poliya in Turkey as well as in Poliya's new Italian plant.

"This will enable us to provide more efficient logistics, faster response times, reduced lead times and better service," says Gianni Ostelli, Regional Business Manager Azelis Composites, Iberia & Italy. "

We are looking forward to working closely with the company’s local team to increase market share in the region and are confident these brands will be well received by our clients.”

Italy is an important market for Poliya, reports Buelent Oeztuna, CEO of Poliya. The company recently signed a local production agreement with Novaresine and plans to expand its presence in the country.