Bayer MaterialScience intends to market composites made from continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. This is a new class of particularly thin and lightweight materials, whose properties can offer superior performance in existing solutions based on aluminum. 

The takeover of TCG also gives Bayer MaterialScience access to technology know-how as well as key patents and facilities. The company plans to expand TCG’s production capacity, while apacities in other regions will be added subsequently to optimally supply customers. All employees are to be retained.

‘We are seeing significant demand and growth opportunities for composites made from thermoplastic materials such as polycarbonate,’ said Dr. Markus Steilemann, member of the company’s executive committee and head of the polycarbonates business unit. ‘By getting into the development and production of the corresponding composites, we want to become one of the driving forces in this industry. We expect promising opportunities above all in the IT, automotive and transportation industries, as well as in consumer goods, which would further strengthen our position.’

Weight reduction

Bayer MaterialScience has previous experience in the development of polycarbonate composites. ‘Hardware made of polycarbonate composites feels like metal, but is significantly lighter," said Dr. Olaf Zöllner, head of polycarbonate applications development for Europe, claiming that the material offers cost advantages in processing. In the automotive industry, it could make motor vehicles lighter and more efficient. ‘In this segment, we think polycarbonate composites are capable of significantly reducing weight over solutions made of aluminum,’ he added.