Bayer MaterialScience supplies more than 2000 products including polyurethanes, polycarbonates, adhesive and coating raw materials. Baypreg® is a two-component polyurethane material for the production of composite parts by compression moulding. 

“Our intention is to create two top global corporations: Bayer as a world-class innovation company in the Life Science businesses, and MaterialScience as a leading player in polymers,” says Bayer CEO Dr. Marijn Dekkers.

The Life Sciences businesses currently already account for about 70% of Bayer's sales.

It is planned to float the MaterialScience business on the stock market as a separate company within the next 12-18 months.

Following the intended flotation, MaterialScience will be Europe's fourth-largest chemical company. The new company is expected to have a global workforce of roughly 16,800, including about 6,500 in Germany. It will have a new name and a separate identity and be headquartered in Leverkusen.