Cars, trucks, buses, military vehicles and boats are all being manufactured in Thailand, and having our manufacturing facility there will allow Bolwell to manage the end to end supply chain process even more efficiently.
Paul Lyons, CEO, Bolwell

Bolwell believes the factory, located in Rayong, will position it be more cost-competitive in the global market.

The 2624 m2 Australian-managed factory is ISO 9001 certified and operates under the automotive product development system Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). The facility also provides component assembly to local and international customers.

“We already have many global customers for our fibreglass and advanced composites products, including CAT, IVECO, Kenworth and Schneider Electric,” says Paul Lyons, Bolwell’s CEO.

“By having this new, sophisticated manufacturing presence in Thailand, we will be able to better serve our customers in a variety of ways.”

As well as providing components to the local automotive and manufacturing industries, the Thailand factory will streamline the shipping of products and components to customers all over the world, particularly the US and Europe.