TheHorizons India™ initiative provides a complete services portfolio ranging from initial market evaluation to enterprise set-up and operation in India.

“India’s huge and rapidly growing consumer market as well as its extraordinary infrastructure build-out is forcing the rapid and unprecedented transformation of virtually all manufacturing sectors, including composites in virtually all sectors” says Michael Swartzlander, managing director of Cast Strategies, Dublin, Ohio, USA. “While India poses its share of business challenges, US companies are welcome, and now is the time to get in on the ground floor of the manufacturing metamorphosis underway.”

Horizons India brings together a number of business partners to address any aspect of doing business in India.

"The vision of Horizons India is to make the process of considering and doing business in India thorough yet easy,” explains Swartzlander. “India can seem overwhelming at first pass. On the other hand, India can seem deceivingly easy, with the commonality of language and other cultural similarities. The truth is, India requires careful evaluation and well-conceived business entry and execution. The good news is that the resources do exist to help make this happen.”