CCP Composites, formed in July and a subsidiary of oil and gas and chemicals company Total, will focus on the production and the distribution of products used for the manufacture of composites materials.

The company has three research centres working on various projects: the development of styrene-free products; biosourced products (Enviroguard); fire retardant halogen-free products (Fireblock); and cleaning agents without traditional solvents (Thermaclean®).

“Innovation is at the heart of our strategy,” explains Dominique Vincent, Chairman and CEO of CCP Composites.

“Sustainable development is the key for composites growth in the future,” he adds.

Cray Valley (headquartered in France) and Cook Composites & Polymers (CCP) in North America manufacture and market composite resins and related products. Composites One is a North American distributor of composites products.