Celanese Emulsion Polymers produces synthetic polymer dispersions for glass fibre sizing and as binders for chopped strand mats. The business also offers products for sizing and treatment of natural, carbon and other speciality fibres.

“The site reflects the requests and needs of our customers for improved content and more user-friendly navigation,” says Holly Seese, global marketing communication manager. “The new ‘Ask a Chemist’ feature enables customers to send emulsion and formula related questions directly to the technical department."

The website is arranged by industry, including glass fibre, paints and coatings, adhesives, building and construction products, nonwovens, textiles and paper to meet the requirements of each market. It is also presented regionally to reflect the needs of customers in Asia, the Americas and Europe/Middle East.

The Emulsion Polymers business is part of Dallas, Texas, USA-based Celanese Corporation.