Around half of the visitors came from end-user industries, including the automotive, aerospace, wind energy and rail sectors.

The event is also attracting an increasing number of international visitors; this year, around one in three people came from abroad.

The tradeshow, the third in the series, took place on 23-25 September and featured 270 exhibitors. It was held alongside the ALUMINIUM exhibition. For the third time, the annual conference of the German Federation of Reinforced Plastics, AVK, marked the beginning of the exhibition, attracting 450 delegates. This was joined for the first time by the N-FibreBase Congress on natural fibre reinforced plastics.

COMPOSITES EUROPE 2009 will be held in Stuttgart on 27-29 October, organised by Reed Exhibitions in cooperation with the European composites industry association EuCIA and Reinforced Plastics magazine.