The Composites Skills Alliance, a partnership between the National Skills Academy for Process Industries and Semta, the sector skills council for science, engineering and manufacturing technologies, has confirmed four further education establishments in the UK as the Founder Providers.

Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, Yeovil College, Southampton City College and Burnley College were all identified as having proven experience of composites. The four colleges offer training across aerospace, automotive, marine and motor sport and are being assisted by the Academy to develop further courses in line with employers needs.

Course development will be informed by an Employer Steering Group which includes representatives from key composites sectors.

“The Composites Skills Alliance is joining up the training provision in the composites arena and helping colleges such as ours to develop further courses," says Mike Williams from Burnley College.

"Accrediting the college, facilities, trainers and course content will mean that all colleges are delivering to a specific standard. This in turn assures employers that their employees are receiving approved quality training.”

Skills Academy

The National Skills Academy for Process Industries is an employer-led organisation addressing skills and training needs throughout the UK biotechnology, chemical, composites, downstream petroleum, polymer and pharmaceutical sectors. The Academy aims to create a highly skilled workforce capable of competing on a global stage as well as promoting the process industries as a career choice.