Oxeon has just commissioned a new line and is about to place orders for more. 

“The continued growth in demand for ultra light weight fabrics and the great feedback from users of our Spread Tow Fabrics – TeXtreme® make us feel very confident in our aggressive expansion plan,” says Andreas Martsman, VP Business Development, Oxeon.

TeXtreme has seen great success in sporting goods and race cars. Oxeon says composite manufacturers using TeXtreme have been able to reduce weight by up to 25-30% with the same, or even enhanced, mechanical performance.

“We have experienced a tremendous growth rate in the last years and have been fortunate to have customers that find high enough value in our products to continue to expand their use of TeXtreme even in the recent harsh economic times," Martsman reports. "Our customers make use of the unique look of TeXtreme in combination with the story behind the enhanced performance to grow the demand for their products. Also, we have found a great interest in the flexibility of our technologies, making it possible for us to tailor make and jointly develop optimal structures for various applications.”