Composites UK invites industry individuals to take part in a UK-based trade remedies investigation review on continuous glass fiber.

According to the organization, the UK Trade Remedy Investigations Directorate (TRID) has just launched a review of the anti-dumping measure (AD549) and anti-subsidy measure (AS603) with regards to continuous glass fibers from China.  

‘The result of TRID’s reviews will determine whether the transitioned trade remedy measures should continue unchanged, be varied or revoked,’ it said. ‘The review will assess whether the application of the countervailing amount is necessary or sufficient to offset the importation of the relevant subsidised goods in the UK market and whether injury to the UK industry in the relevant goods would occur if the countervailing amount were no longer applied to those goods.’

To take part in the review, interested parties should register with TRID by 13 February 2021.

Composites UK is also running a webinar on 24 February 2021 – go here to register.