Core Molding Technologies expects Featherlite SMC to find uses in the transportation and general industrial markets. Specific applications are currently in development.

Featherlite SMC has a nominal density of 1.43, 25% lower than the 1.9 density of industry-standard SMC formulations. The material is reported to offer superior toughness and is ideal for high-impact applications where the strength of a glass reinforced composite is also required.

Core Molding Technologies says that because Featherlite SMC achieves lower density without the use of glass microspheres, it significantly reduces the risk of 'paint pops' in Class A applications and offers high surface quality not typical of SMC products in this density range.

“While composites generally offer weight advantages over metals and other material systems, the industry continues to push the envelope for reduced density in fibre reinforced plastics, without sacrificing surface quality,” notes Terry O’Donovan, vice president, marketing and sales, for Core Molding Technologies.

“Traditionally, reducing density in SMC comes from replacing fillers with compounds that are lower density, but typically much higher cost than standard fillers, leading to challenging economics in the finished compound,” he continues. “Our Featherlite system is notable in that it accomplishes a significant reduction in density, with no degradation of surface quality and with only a modest increase in cost over our standard products.”

Featherlite SMC is in production and available now.

Core Molding Technologies Inc is a custom compounder of SMC and moulder of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) components and assemblies headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA.