Composites Testing Laboratory (CTL) Ltd is the only independent test laboratory within the European Union specialising in composites materials testing. It carries out accredited mechanical and physical testing of advanced materials for aerospace, wind energy and automotive applications.

CTRM is a Malaysian government linked company specialising in aerospace and composites manufacturing.

Composites Testing Laboratory Asia (CTLA) will operate out of CTRM facilities in Batu Berendam, Melaka, Malaysia. It will aim to provide a fast, flexible, cost competitive and high quality testing service to its clients.

According to Datuk Rosdi Mahmud, Chief Executive Officer of CTRM, the composites testing market is growing in Asia due to the fact that major aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing are sub-contracting composites manufacturing jobs to the region.

Mike Naylor, managing director of CTL, explains that the partnership between CTL and CTRM will enable CTLA to offer a fully-accredited composites testing service to the Asian market, covering material qualification, generation of design allowable data and eventually element and full structural testing.

CTLA is aiming to achieve revenue of approximately RM30 million over the first 5 years of its operation.