"We need to increase our local production of Divinycell®Matrix and other structural core materials," reports Johan Gralén, Executive Vice President Asia Pacific at DIAB.

"We will also improve our capacity to accommodate the needs of the Chinese market and increase our ability to serve the rest of Asia."

DIAB, headquartered in Laholm, Sweden, manufactures a range of core materials for sandwich composite constructions, including the Divinycell Matrix PVC foam and Divinycell PVC and PET foam brands.

Local R&D

DIAB established its first facility in China in 2005. The new factory will use DIAB latest production technologies from Europe and will include a R&D centre.

"We want to be able to offer tailor-made solutions for the Chinese market," says Magdalena Sandström, Executive Vice President R&D at DIAB.

"Having a local R&D centre will enable us to grow the structural sandwich market and support our technical sales in finding new applications for our products."

DIAB is a ubsidiary of Swedish private equity company Ratos AB.