Royal DSM reports that a patent of DSM Dyneema, protecting its Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology will be maintained after a second challenge before the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office. This patent covers materials for soft body armor and hard materials for helmets, vest inserts and vehicle armor. DSM says that Armor made with Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology is 30% lighter than traditional armor whilst providing the same level of ballistic protection.

An appeal against the patent was filed by Honeywell Inc, after DSM Dyneema successfully defended this patent EP1699954B1 in opposition proceedings in 2014.

‘We are pleased that also after this second challenge, the European Patent Office, rejects the opposition and will maintain the patent with its original granted claims,’ said Olivier Janin, vice president marketing & sales, at DSM Dyneema. ’The patent cannot be further challenged anymore at the European Patent Office.’ Beyond Europe the patent is granted in other countries of the world including the USA, the company said.

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