The consultative document represents the final conclusions of the Commission since the start of the investigation on the 17 December 2009.

The Commission has considered the points raised by EuCIA and industry representatives and is proposing definitive measures of 13.8% as of 16 March 2011. Additionally, the proposal excludes yarns from the proceedings.

This proposal follows the Commission Regulation 812/2010 imposing provisional import duties of 43.6% for a period of 6 months from 17 September 2010.

EuCIA welcomes the new proposal to significantly reduce the duties but continues to warn that the impact of such duties - if finally imposed – will seriously damage composites production in Europe.

Vote to take place in January

EuCIA reports that on the 13 January 2011, representatives of the EU27 Member States will meet in Brussels to discuss the Commission's proposal. The proposal will be accepted unless an absolute majority (i.e. 14 Member States) vote against it.

EuCIA encourages interested parties to get in contact with their national government and association as soon as possible to highlight the effects of import duties on their business.