By Renewable Energy Focus staff

According to the latest Responsible Energy for European Regions (REFER) Report, it is not just about end-users and demand side efficiency – rather, energy efficiency must encompass the entire value chain.

Ricardo Cardoba, President of GE Energy for Western Europe and North Africa, comments: “Energy efficiency or what we prefer to call ‘efficient energy’ is more than just reducing greenhouse gases; it is about the efficient use of our resources, our fuel, water and land. In general it is about driving the development of more resources efficient energy production and delivery sectors in Europe.”

Michèle Sabban, President of the Assembly of European Regions, adds: “Regions are perfectly placed to implement energy efficiency initiatives; they offer unique resources that can drive the diverse energy mix required to support low-carbon energy. They have great experience with energy investments and infrastructure, they are key to planning and consent, and they are actively engaged and exercise an increasing influence over energy strategy in their territories.”

The REFER Report explores options such as switching from coal to natural gas, improving plant efficiencies, combined heat and power (CHP) and smart grid technologies.