Exel says this is a result of declining demand and to improve efficiency. The negotiations concern everyone working in its Finnish plants.

The Exel Group employs 204 people in Finland – 132 of these work at the Kivara factory and 59 at the Mäntyharju factory. There are a further 13 people working in Group functions. The company estimates that a maximum of 34 jobs of non-salaried employees will be cut at Exel Composites plc’s Finnish factories, or the corresponding savings in labour costs be achieved in another way. It estimates that a maximum of 14 jobs of salaried employees will be lost, or the corresponding savings in labour costs achieved in another way.

”We will improve and adjust our operations to better correspond with the present market and competition situation," says Vesa Korpimies, Exel Composites’s President and CEO. "We expect to achieve necessary savings for example by eliminating overlapping operations and restructuring the organisation.”  

Exel Composites manufactures composite profiles and tubes for industrial applications. It uses pultrusion, pullwinding, co-winding, continuous lamination and prepreg manufacturing techniques.