CompositePro will enhance Firehole Technologies' Helius portfolio of composite design and analysis software.

“Our goal is to provide the structural engineer with the most comprehensive, easy to use suite of tools for composite design and analysis in the market,” says Jerad Stack, CEO of Laramie, Wyoming, USA, based Firehole Technologies. “Helius:MCT addresses composite behaviour with Multi-scale modelling and progressive failure simulation. The addition of CompositePro allows us to address the needs of the designer at the other end of the product development cycle.”

CompositePro is said to fill the gap between hand calculations and full structural finite element analysis by providing functionality such as composite micromechanics and classical laminate analysis, as well as design tools for composite plates, sandwich panels, beams and tubes.

“Firehole is the obvious choice for advancing CompositePro and delivering on the specialised needs of composite design and analysis," notes DeWayne Howell, Principal of Peak Composites Inc, Arvada, Colorado, USA, and creator of CompositePro. "Peak Composites will continue to rely upon CompositePro to ensure ongoing delivery of quality composite engineering solutions.”

Firehole Technologies' computer-aided simulation software and services for composite materials are employed in the aerospace, defence, automotive and energy industries. Its Helius:MCT™ software is said to enable the design of composite structures without the numerous expensive testing cycles traditionally deployed.