Using nanotechnology, specifically carbon nanotubes (CNTs), Fulcrum says that its solution increases the toughness of these composites by at least 30%, without affecting its overall strength.

Fulcrum adds that it achieved this through substantial improvements in interfacial properties of the fibreglass – epoxy composite by coating the fabric with carbon nanotubes using its SP1 protein.

Customers in the aerospace market have successfully deployed Fulcrum’s SP1/CNT reinforcement solutions, which can be applied via standard textile dyeing machines for mass production.

"Our unique and cost-effective SP1/CNT technology enables our customers to introduce fibreglass and epoxy composites to the most demanding aerospace applications," said Nimrod Litvak, Fulcrum's Chief Executive Officer. "We are pleased with our customers’ feedback on the technology and have begun partnerships with a number of global companies. We are actively seeking new partners that can maximise their offerings by incorporating our technology into the design of their composite parts and products”.