By Kari Williamson

Toyota Spain will lend Gamesa a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle for a 6-month period to test and verify the car's technology, identify potential limiting factors and analyse its charging requirements in order to facilitate the mass market roll-out of hybrid electric vehicles in Spain in the near term.

Gamesa will test drive the Prius Plug-In in an urban environment as well as at a wind farm. Gamesa will share the data compiled during the vehicle's test drives with Toyota Spain in order to furnish information for the Movele initiative, coordinated by the Spanish institute for energy diversification and savings, IDAE , of which Toyota is a member.

"These energy efficient cars with their reduced carbon footprints can and must contribute short and medium term to the energy saving and environmental protection imperative and to verifying the enormous synergies between wind energy and green mobility," says David Mesonero, Gamesa's Director of Corporate Development.

Gamesa says it is committed to green mobility under the umbrella of its technology diversification strategy, and the company is working on developing charging stations for electric vehicles. The manufacture of electric vehicle charging stations are already underway at Gamesa Electric's electric components factory in Valencia, and charging stations are already in place in Valencia and at the head office in Madrid.

Gamesa has also signed a charging station supply and marketing agreement with Iberdrola and is currently holding talks with other sector heavyweights.