The company will feature the following flame-retardant, rigid closed-cell foams at the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA)'s event on 29-31 January in Orlando, Florida:

  • LAST-A-FOAM® FR-6700 Aerospace-Grade Series – a flame-retardant rigid foam for aircraft composite core which withstands process temperatures up to 250ºF. It is suitable for models and design prototypes, vacuum-form dies and mould patterns, as well as honeycomb edge closeout for aircraft interior sandwich panels;
  • LAST-A-FOAM FR-3700 Precision-Core Series – this flame-retardant, aerospace-grade (BMS 8-133-qualified) foam is tougher and less friable than the FR-6700 and enables cutting of crisper edges. It is well-suited to machining complex shapes for composite cores;
  • LAST-A-FOAM FR-4300 Thermoformable Board Series – a flame-retardant foam series ideal for composite panel cores and other structures where compound-curved surfaces or other details can be made with low-cost heat-forming methods.
“We’re experiencing increasing demand for our low-weight, high-strength polyurethane foams to replace traditional core materials, such as thermoplastic foam, honeycomb and wood.” 
Bruce Lind, President, General Plastics 

General Plastics, of Tacoma, Washington, will also debut of two new sample kits designed to give composites professionals in attendance a true feel for its foam materials. Sample kits are now available for the LAST-A-FOAM FR-6700 Aerospace-Grade Series and LAST-A-FOAM FR-4300 Thermoformable Board Series. 

General Plastics' composite core materials have been used for years in the aerospace and automotive industries in place of aluminuim, as well as for sports equipment, such as hockey blades and skateboards. In the marine industry, General Plastics composite core foams provide a lightweight, non-decaying alternative to wood that supports fibreglass laminating production processes.