Ron Adams, Vice President of Technical Sales for Gibson Fiberglass, will present information relating to the company's energy reduction, water reclamation, emission reductions, and the elimination of post industrial fibreglass waste.

For example, the manufacturing facilities of Chinese glass fibre producer Jushi saved the equivalent of 66 000 tons of standard coal in 2008.

“As with other major industrial countries in the world, China is working to improve air and water quality and reduce waste from manufacturing,” according to Adams. “Gibson/Jushi has received awards from the Chinese government, recognising Gibson/Jushi’s efforts to significantly reduce our environmental footprint, and impact on the environment.”

The presentation during Composites 2010 will review the results of the efforts of Gibson/Jushi to manufacture its new E6 Enhanced Glass Fibers® with the lowest environmental impact.

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA)'s Composites 2010 trade show takes place on 9-11 February in Las Vegas.

Jushi Fiberglass is headquartered in the Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang, China. With three production bases in China, Jushi has 10 000 employees and can produce over 900 000 tonnes of fibreglass per year.

Gibson Fiberglass, headquartered in Irwindale, California, USA, is a distributor of fibreglass reinforcements and fabrics to the reinforced plastics industry.