Gurit G-PET core material.
Gurit G-PET core material.

Gurit claims the new G-PET thermoplastic foam range offers a unique combination of properties, including class-leading shear elongation, finer cell size, excellent chemical resistance, good adhesion, and high process temperature resistance. It is available in four densities – 80, 90, 110 and 135 kg/m3. Other densities are possible upon request.

G-PET recyclable structural foam materials can be used for a wide range of applications and production processes.

The new G-PET range comes with varyious finishing styles and is available in standard sheets and tailored kits.

“We are pleased to offer our customers a portfolio of densities for G-PET with best-in-class toughness, a key property for the marine market," says Sam Ang, Gurit Program Manager for Core Materials. "The balance of good properties, temperature stability, and cost addresses the needs of the wind energy market, and allows customers in other markets to apply G-PET in a wide array of applications.”

Gurit Holding AG, Switzerland, produces prepregs, structural foam, gel-coats, adhesives, resins and consumables as well as certain finished parts, composite process equipment and tooling.