Sales in the company's Wind Energy business grew by 39.7% on a currency adjusted basis. Gurit reports that anticipated growth for the second half of 2011 materialised in the prepreg business in Europe and the Americas and compensated for the market contraction in China during that same period.

For the Gurit Tooling business sales were up 11.9% for 2011 on a currency adjusted basis. The company says this growth was mostly a result of the internationalisation of its customer base as evidenced by sales to India, the USA and Africa. China recorded weak sales, with the exception of the 2011 second quarter.

Transportation business sales grew by 0.9% on a currency adjusted basis. Gurit reports that sales for rail applications in China and revenues generated with smaller aerospace customers suffered from delays during the year, while sales to key aerospace accounts rose.

Sales in the Gurit Marine business grew by 8.1% on a currency adjusted basis, mainly backed by growth in the US and Europe. Sales in Australia declined.

Gurit Holding AG, Switzerland, specialises in the development of advanced composite materials and related technologies. Its product range includes prepregs, core materials, gel-coats, adhesives, resins and consumables as well as certain finished parts.