Color additive specialist Hypetex has partnered with consultant SustainableX to evaluate its current environment footprint and improve its processes to meet future sustainability goals. The company plans to measure itself against the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDG).

Using its products instead of paint to finish composite parts can help remove the need for harmful materials, reduce time and cost in finishing and decrease carbon emissions, Hypetex said.

‘Due to rapidly escalating environmental and ecological concerns globally, Hypetex recognises that increased efforts are required by companies to acknowledge the significance of sustainability in modern manufacturing,’ a press release said.

‘Hypetex recognise and understand how they can, directly and indirectly, contribute to the UN global goals,’ said Nick Reilly and Rondi Allan, consultants at SustainableX. ‘Their biggest impacts come from supporting customers to eliminate processes from their production, increase product resilience and lengthen design life.’

‘We are keen to change the current status quo relying on post processing painting and the significant negative effect this has on any future sustainability goals,’ added Marc Cohen, Hypetex CEO.

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