This is the conclusion of the McIlvaine Company in its World Markets for Your Products report, which forecasts GDP and product sales in each country.

China will purchase more environmental equipment than any other country this year. It will also lead in purchases of equipment for cement, steel, and waste-to-energy plants.

The mining industry will help sustain growth on the African continent and in Chile. Construction of coal-fired power plants will also boost Chile's economy and also start to positively impact the India's economy. The longer term forecast for India is to operate twice as many coal-fired power plants as the USA; presently it has only one third as many.

Stimulus spending will boost municipal water and wastewater treatment plant spending in China. The lack of acceptable water supplies will also boost expenditures in much of the developing world this year.

According to McIlvaine, GDP growth next year is likely to be slow in the developed world. This will result in another increase in the market share for industrial purchases in Asia where growth will be substantial. Climate change regulations will contribute to slower growth in Europe next year and are already having a negative effect in the USA, where a number of coal-fired power plant projects have been cancelled or postponed.

2009 increases and decreases of GDP for selected countries.
Country 2009 GDP growth (%) Country 2009 GDP decline (%)
China 6.5 Latvia 13
Indonesia 3.6 Hungary 6
Africa (continent) 2.8 USA 4.7
Chile 1 Canada 2.3

Souce: The McIlvaine Company.