ICI's STRUCTURE-LITE sandwich panels are made from fibre reinforced thermoplastics and are being used in transportation applications such as composite containers, equine trailers and automotive aftermarket tonneau covers, as well as in construction applications such as pedestrian bridges, marine docks, construction panels and ceiling tiles.

The Eleison acquisition allows ICI to control supply of a strategic raw material that is used in all its products. In addition, patents formally held by Eleison allow for the utilisation of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and other recycled polymers, in the manufacture of thermoplastic skin and core materials.

"This acquisition not only allows us to reduce costs, but also ensures that we stay ahead of any potential competition," says ICI President and CEO Terry Ball. "ICI now has the IP and technology to be the lowest cost producer of the fibre reinforced thermoplastic skin and has eliminated our dependency on a raw material supplier. Vertical integration has always been an integral part of our strategy and the ability to utilise recycled plastics in the manufacturing process should significantly strengthen ICI's position in all our target markets."

The Eleison equipment will be integrated in the ICI production lines in the Sault St. Marie and South Carolina facilities.