David Hummel, chief executive of Victrex.
David Hummel, chief executive of Victrex.

PEEK manufacturer Victrex and composite lay-up specialist Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corporation have established a joint venture called TxV Aero Composites, to improve the commercial adoption of polyketone (PAEK) composite in aerospace.

The aim of the joint venture is to offer a range of PAEK composites, from custom laminates to pre-formed composite inserts for hybrid molding processes, as well as finished composite parts and complete over-molded hybrid composite components and assemblies. These products can reportedly deliver weight savings of up to 60% over conventional metallic solutions, and offer continuous manufacturing processes and cycle times measured in minutes versus hours for thermoset alternatives. The investment includes the establishment of a new US-based manufacturing facility. 

‘This is a hugely exciting opportunity to accelerate innovative and differentiated solutions for our customers in the aerospace industry,’ said David Hummel, chief executive of Victrex.

‘With an estimated 35,000 new aircraft to be launched in the next 20 years, the aerospace industry is embracing thermoplastic composites as a cost-effective solution to support this growth,’ said Will Kain, president of Tri-Mack. 

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