The Lorenz SMC line.
The Lorenz SMC line.

LORENZ, headquartered in Wallenhorst, Germany, manufactures the LOPREG brand SMC and LOMIX BMC, dough moulding compound (DMC) and CIC. The company has been able to boost its development and customer support capacity with an increase in its workforce from 5 to 13 at the end of 2008. The number of contracts has also been increasing.

LORENZ has its own CAD capability and also offers a tool making service. Tools and materials can be tested on three injection moulding machines with a clamping force of 80, 160 and 500 tons.

LORENZ claims to be the manufacturer of SMC, BMC, DMC and CIC that can offer this service package under one roof.

The company also has its own recycling plant, which is available to its customers.

Thomas Lorenz, the company's owner and managing director, is optimistic about the future.

“We have proved to be reliable for our customers, irrespective of whether they purchase 3 or 3000 tons peryear," he says. "My young, highly qualified team works on each project with absolute dedication. Our customers and many potential customers have come to appreciate this fact, so much so that we are currently working on a number of development projects that we have never seen before in our 40-year history."

LORENZ Kunststofftechnik GmbH is exhibiting on stand number 4/E23 at the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2009 trade show in Stuttgart, Germany, on 27-29 October 2009.

"To have chosen a combination of chemists and engineers for the development department and experienced master mechanics and technicians for customer support, who together speak nine languages, was the right decision," he adds. "The next step will be to help our personnel advance in all other areas which are experiencing an increasing demand by providing training courses and advanced training. Training our own young specialists is vital for us.”