Janco employs 145 people in the manufacturing of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) products for electrical distribution, power tool, and other industries worldwide. 

MacLean Investment Partners is part of the MacLean-Fogg Company.

"Resources available through MacLean Investment Partners (MIP) will accelerate Janco's growth by investing in research and development and engineering for existing and new technologies," says Barry MacLean, CEO and Chairman of the MacLean-Fogg Company.

"MIP's long range investment strategy will result in an expanded product line and will open new markets while the company continues to provide seamless service to its customers."

"Joining forces with MacLean Investment Partners provides a very positive and uplifting infusion of capital that will provide positive momentum to our business," reports Pete Giczewski, President, Janco Engineered Products.

"Janco Engineered Products, LLC will retain employees and the business will remain in the community where it was started in 1973."