MIRteq has developed and patented a new composite material that can be poured, pumped, sprayed, moulded and machined. Its Micro-fibre Infused Resin (MIR) systems are said to simplify production processes and eliminate the need for many labour intensive glass reinforcement processes. The MIR technology replaces conventional fibreglass reinforcement with specially treated micro-fibres, which when blended with proprietary polyester or vinyl ester resins can be injected, cast, sprayed, or even rotationally moulded.

“We have worked with MIRteq over the last 6 months and have invested in the technology’s deployment because we expect that it will expand the composites industry," says Greg Shymske, Composites One Vice President of Marketing.

Initial industry interest has focused on MIRteq’s tooling resin, closed molding, and fire retardant systems as they deliver commercial and environmental savings.

In February 2010, MIRteq exhibited with Composites One at the American Composites Manufacturers Association (AMCA)'s COMPOSITES 2010 trade show. At the event, Composites Solutions, a MIRteq early adopter, demonstrated the benefits of using MIRteq’s micro-fibre infused resins and won an ACE Innovation Award.