These water-related companies are

  • Imbrium Systems, a manufacturer of stormwater treatment solutions to protect water resources from pollutants;
  • Green Turtle Technologies, a provider of wastewater pre-treatment solutions for commercial, institutional and industrial applications; and
  • Filamat Composites, a manufacturer of custom-engineered composite solutions for the water, including oil and water separators, stormwater filtration systems, wastewater process equipment and filter vessels.

"We need to harness and focus the energy of these businesses," says Scott Monteith, President and CEO of Monteco Ltd. "The Pelicas Corporation will gather the unique synergies that exist and allow us to focus our management and marketing expertise on the entire water and green infrastructure industry."

In addition to The Pelicas Corporation, Monteco has a portfolio of companies that include Good Harbour Laboratories, Optomem Sensors, Imtex Membranes and Biox Corporation.