Glass fiber specialist Owens Corning Composites has confirmed its long term partnership with Solventure to improve sales and operations planning excellence globally. Solventure is the provider and implementation channel partner of the Arkieva sales and operations planning software.

According to the company, its composites business faced multiple challenges within the sales and operations planning process. Inherent to being a global company, there was an immense amount of data to be collected and applied. Supply and demand information was tracked through a collection of spreadsheets, emails, and notebooks and consolidating information from disparate sources and getting alignment on the facts was often difficult. As a result, the end-to-end sales and operations planning cycle could take up to eight weeks. Without a unified approach, there was no global oversight or actionable analysis possible.

To support the company’s growth, Owens Corning’s supply chain team redesigned the sales and operations planning process via implementation of the Arkieva supply chain software together with Solventure. ’Through the implementation of Arkieva, we’ve successfully reduced the sales and operations planning process from weeks to days, producing actionable statistical analysis enabling us to deliver more value to the company,’ said Michael Morris, global supply chain process leader at Owens Corning composites.

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