According to Polymer Technologies, Polynanosil provides significant improvements in key properties of cured epoxy resin such as tensile modulus, flexural modulus and fracture toughness.

Polymer Technologies reports that a uniform dispersion of the oval shaped silica nanoparticles with aspect ratio > 1 and diameter below 100 nm is obtained within the resin matrix. This shape of silica offers enhanced reinforcement of the resin over spherical particles. The silica nanoparticles are surface modified to obtain a strong silica-resin bond formation and prevent the aggregation of silica particles. Only a few percentage of the nanoparticles are required to form a high strength composite material and therefore the viscosity of the product is extremely low and applicable for various applications.

Polynanosil is suitable for use as adhesive, coating and in the composition of composite structures in various industries, including: aerospace and aircraft; automobile and transport; civil infrastructure; sporting goods; military; and energy.

Improvements in interlaminar fracture toughness and overall mechanical properties are achieved by incorporating Polynanosil into fibre reinforced composites. Due to the low viscosity of Polynanosil, it can easily penetrate through layers of carbon or glass fabric and thus is applicable to various types of moulding systems, Polymer Technologies reports.