Polystrand is using recycled polyolefin in its new green series reinforcing tape.
Polystrand is using recycled polyolefin in its new green series reinforcing tape.

Polystrand® reinforcing tape is made in a proprietary process that impregnates continuous fibre with a thermoplastic resin. The reinforcement has been made with a variety of polymer materials including virgin polypropylene. The new green series provides a product with recycled content that is reported to approach the physical properties of prime material at competitive prices.

“This new series was developed to help composite fabricators reduce the environmental footprint of their products by reducing the footprint of the input material they use,” says Ed Pilpel, president of Polystrand, of Montrose, Colorado, USA.

The green series reinforcing tape is available in unidirectional, bi-ply and tri-ply configurations.

“The recycled polyolefins we use are made from pre- and post-consumer material,” Pipel explains. “According to industry estimates, only about 7% of all plastics are recycled. About 80% goes to landfills. Our use of recycled polyolefin helps increase the amount being recycled.”

“Recycling plastic also reduces the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels, energy and the amount of carbon emissions,” he adds. “And because recycled thermoplastic polyolefin is a stiff, light and hard polymer, we can produce a reinforcement product with great physical properties. Products in the new green series provide consistent performance and can be tailored to customers’ needs.”

Samples of the new green series reinforcement will be shown at the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA)'s Composites 2010 tradeshow on 9-11 February in Las Vegas, where Polystrand is exhibiting at booth number 1003.

Polystrand reinforcements are distributed in North America by Composites One.