The new Quatro autoclave has a working size of 7 ft in diameter and 12 ft in length, and a maximum working pressure of 125 PSI and temperature of 450°F.

The new freezer, 24 ft wide, 67 ft long and 22 ft tall, will have capacity to store over 75 pallets of carbon prepreg material.

“The new autoclave and freezer space will allow us to better manage current production capacities while undertaking new business opportunities,” says VP of Operations, Quatro Composites, Frank Sloup. “We are very excited about the potential for growth.”

Quatro Composites™, a business of Tec Industries LLC, offers design, analysis, prototyping and production of advanced composite products for the aerospace, military / defence and medical markets. The business has facilities in Orange City, Iowa, and Poway, California, USA.