Reichhold says it is deploying Umicore’s cobalt technology to develop a solution that combines the benefits of cobalt-based systems with long term sustainability characteristics.

The companies say this technology will be a user-friendly alternative to accelerators currently in use by both resin manufacturers and composite fabricators, and offers customers the ability to deal proactively with the potential hazard classification of cobalt carboxylate.

Reichhold and Umicore report they have successfully tested the new technology in some selected resin systems and are working towards qualifying an entire product range for customers in the composites industry.

Reichhold, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, produces unsaturated polyester resins and coating resins for the industrial, transportation, building and construction, marine, consumer and graphic arts markets.

Umicore’s Cobalt & Specialty Materials (CSM) business unit, headquartered in Belgium, markets a complete portfolio of cobalt chemicals and powders.