The thermoplastic composite materials are designed for use in transportation, industrial and consumer applications, including transport seating, car bumper beams and front-end structures, racing bicycle frames, window frames, and tanks.

According to Rhodia, Evolite‘s matrix exhibits a low viscosity, allowing higher reinforcement rates of up to 62%. Parts made with Evolite are said to show excellent strength and toughness, enhanced crash resistance, very good ageing properties, and have faster production rates compared to thermoset technologies.

Available in recyclable pre-impregnated fabrics or consolidated plates, Evolite can be made using glass, carbon and possibly other fibres.

Rhodia, which is listed on Euronext Paris, specialises in polyamide materials. Under the brand Technyl, Rhodia’s Engineering Plastics business serves the transportation, electrical and electronics, sports and leisure markets.

The K 2010 International Trade Fair on Plastics and Rubber takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 27 October-3 November.